Don’t Forget the Fur Babies this Holiday Season!

Hey Mom and Dad!

Don’t forget about me when you’re getting all spiffed up this holiday season! I’m thinking something along the lines a of a new trim, to bring in the near year- for good luck you know! I hear all the good boys, and girls go to Hot Dog Grooming; I’ve also heard they have tasty treats!

I hear the baths are extra sudsy, so you don’t have to worry about a smelly pup when you pick me up. Most importantly Diana, and friends will have me looking, and smelling my best! Ready for the holidays!

New year, new you, well what about me- your goodest boy! Let’s all of us bring in the new year, looking our best!

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year!

This post was written by Berenice T, our lead columnist. Berenice is a Journalist and dog enthusiast from Austin, Texas. She has dedicated her life to rescuing and rehoming dogs from all over the state.

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